It's Red Ribbon Week!

Thank you to our PTA and parent Andrew Young for Red Ribbon Week preparations.
Check out the awesome video below!
Reflections Contest entries are due this Friday, October 25th.


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Eagle News 10/7/2019

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I heard from a friend who drove up into American Fork Canyon yesterday that there was a long line of people in cars wanting to see the many evidences of fall.  Aside from gridlock traffic, how can you not love this season of the year? Crisp mornings, followed by days filled with sunshine that invite all of us to get outside and embrace the beauties of a fall day in the Utah Valley. Though the weather is better suited to afternoon, instead of morning bike rides, there are still grandchildren soccer games and yard work that give me the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. And there is no better place to ride my bike at this time of the year than the American Fork Canyon as the trees turn into a kaleidoscope of color!
Don’t forget that Thursday is Picture Make-up Day.
It will be a busy week with Parent/Teacher Conferences and our Book Fair. If you haven’t already done so, please get on Skyward and sign up for a conference with your child’s teacher.
Scheduling Parent Teacher Conferences through Skyward
1. Use a computer, not a smartphone.
3. If you have more than one child, select a child’s name from the ‘All Students’ drop down at the top of the page.
4. Click the ‘Teacher Conferences’ link on the left of the screen.
5. Click the link titled ‘All Conferences’.
6. Click the ‘Select a Time’ link under the text ‘Not Yet Scheduled’.
7 Find a date and time that works for you and click on the “Select’ link to the right.  If the ‘Select’ button doesn’t work, try a different web browser.
8. Click ‘Save’ to confirm that date and time — Your conference is now scheduled.
9. Repeat steps 3-8 to schedule appointments for additional children.
When you come to Parent/Teacher Conferences, we encourage you to come visit our Book Fair. We are grateful to parents Vivian Hsiao and Chelsea Hertig for creating a winter wonderland as you enter our library and Book Fair because of course “It is snow fun to read!”
Also, when you are in the school for conferences, please swing by the Lost and Found near the gym entrance to see if you can reclaim any lost items that belong to your student.
I have attached the agenda for our October 10 School Community Council Meeting, 9:30 – 10:30 am in the Conference Room. Any parent is welcome to attend.
There is also an attached flyer for the Lone Peak Youth Wrestling Club. Tracy Wallace, the husband of second grade teacher, Maureen Wallace, is the head wrestling coach at LPHS and also oversees the Youth Wrestling Club.
The following students were nominated by their teachers and recognized last week for consistently demonstrating the character traits of the Alpine Big 3: Responsibility, Respect and Readiness to Learn.
Rockwell Alexander–4th Grade, Mrs. Keller
Max Bergquist–4th Grade, Mrs. Vipperman
Macie Collins–5th Grade, Mrs. Padgett
Davidson Egan–6th Grade, Mrs. Reyes
August Gheciu–5th Grade, Mrs. Hill
Patrick Gheciu–2nd Grade, Mrs. Wallace
Joe Hansen–1st Grade, Ms. Johnson
Gabe Hansen–3rd Grade, Mrs. Chen
Sydney Hogge–1st Grade, Ms. Johnson
Tiger McCann–5th Grade, Mr. Horan
Aven Oh–5th Grade, Mrs. Hill
Isabella Price–6th Grade, Mrs. Monson
Kason Reynolds–3rd Grade, Mrs. Duke
Quinlan Wallace–6th Grade, Mrs. Reyes
Jane Wilson–4th Grade, Mrs. Keller
Have a great week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary
Alpine School District

Eagle News 9/30/19

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Last day of September. October here we come! The trees are changing colors and the leaves are starting to drop. And our younger students are still trying to master my two-syllable name. I had a kindergarten student last week cheerfully say to me, “Hello Mr. Peedoo!”
Once again, the Alpine Elementary Community came together as we met the PTA Fundraiser goal of raising $10,000! We had brought in $5,200 through Thursday of last week and then had a huge day on Friday to get over the $10,000 mark. The PTA will use every dollar to directly benefit all students at Alpine Elementary. Thank you Alpine Elementary Community for your generous donations! And huge shout out to Ryan Johnson and Max Connect Marketing for providing t-shirts for all of our students! We are also grateful to Chick-Fil-A for donating lunches to the classes that brought in the most money and to Zurchers Party Store for donating decorations for the Friday dance party.
For the past four years we have used an assessment for our K – 3 grade students called DIBELS to measure what we call the Big 5 reading components: Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. There is a multitude of research to indicate that the foundation for individual student success in elementary school is the ability to read at grade level. The DIBELS assessment is now called Acadience, but the grade level tests have not changed. We administer the Acadience test three times a year to our students. The Beginning of Year (BOY) assessment lets teachers know where students are with their foundational reading skills. I have attached Alpine Elementary’s Beginning of Year assessment scores for the past four years. You will notice that our scores continue to improve. We of course want all students to be proficient readers, meaning they are in the blue or green categories. Students who are yellow or red have some gaps in one or more of the Big 5 reading components. Because of improved reading instruction at the lower grade levels, the number of red and yellow students have decreased over the past four years, which is reason to celebrate. Congratulations to our dedicated teachers for the outstanding instruction students are receiving! Parents of K – 3 grade students will learn more about their child’s reading assessment at Parent Teacher Conferences October 7 – 11.
And thanks to our School Community Council for paying the $12 per student assessment fee, our 4th – 6th graders are receiving the Acadience assessments this year for the first time, so our upper grade teachers will have reading assessment data to help them with their in-class instruction.
Beginning of Year (BOY)—Number of Red and Yellow Students
            2016 – 2017—95 students
            2017 – 2018—68 students
            2018 – 2019—51 students
            2019 – 2020—47 students
The following students were nominated by their teachers and recognized last week for consistently demonstrating the character traits of the Alpine Big 3: Responsibility, Respect and Readiness to Learn.
Camden Abbott–6th Grade, Ms. Kuo
Ellie Fugal–5th Grade, Mrs. Weakley
Lupita Gallardo Figueroa–6th Grade, Mrs. Kaczmarek
Bella Gerber–6th Grade, Ms. Kuo
Becca Hale–Kindergarten, Mrs. Aitchison
Beckham Larkin–Kindergarten, Mrs. Aitchison
Tim Neves–5th Grade, Mrs. Padgett
Quacy Omane’ Brimpong–6th Grade, Mrs. Kaczmarek
Rachel Schmidt–4th Grade, Mrs. Orgill
Eliza Smith–3rd, Mrs. Duke
Alexis Smith–Kindergarten, Mrs. Aitchison
Cora Spencer–3rd Grade, Mrs. Chen
Maren Tomkinson–2nd Grade, Ms. Andersen
Libby Topham–5th Grade, Mrs. Weakley
Have a great week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary
Alpine School District