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Eagle News 11/19/2018

Eagle News 11/19/2018

A two-day school week! I can’t speak for the parents, but I know our students and faculty are grateful for the shorter week.
I saw quite a few of our students at the Lone Peak/American Fork state championship football game on Friday. In my opinion, there are few things in life that top a good high school football game on a crisp fall afternoon. Two of our teachers, Anna and Meilina Moore, were at the game with their family cheering on their brother, Matthew, an offensive lineman for LPHS. And our Speech Pathologist, Jill Johnson’s son, Dallin, was a key contributor on the American Fork team. Congratulations to the Knights on a hard-fought victory!
Thank you for once again supporting the Alpine Elementary Candlelight School Coin Drive! The Alpine Elementary Community stepped up in a big way for our sister school in Nairobi, Kenya. In one-week, we raised $9,170, exceeding last year’s total of $8,245 and the 2016 total of $7,500. To witness the giving spirit of this community year after year is truly humbling. I know our wonderful Nutrition Services Workers, Whitney Wilson, Shirlene Jenks and Gina Lye, don’t donate to the Coin Drive for public recognition, but the amount of money those three ladies donate in one week is truly amazing. Whitney told me last week that the Coin Drive week is their favorite week of the school year because of the joy that comes in knowing that their contributions are helping feed needy children in Africa.
A huge shout out to parent volunteer, Cherie” Kelly, who organizes and facilitates our Coin Drive every year. And thank you to the team of parent volunteers who helped Cherie’ with the Coin Drvie logistics!
Here is a message from Candlelight School founders Fred and Alice Afwai:
To the parents, students and staff, including the cooks of the Alpine Elementary school I lack words. You are just a blessing to us because you’ve brought back hope to the children. The money will buy food for children because the food that we are going to purchase will help them health wise and also the kids will also concentrate in class and it has avoided absence in classes. We are humbled and and great full Thank you so much for helping us with what we are doing to feed and educate the children of Candlelight School. You denied a lot for the whole year saving for a child in Kenya. Alpine family you are a blessing to us. We couldn’t have done it without you! We wouldn’t be where I am today without people like you by my side, through your sacrificial support our students are always in school because beside learning they have something to eat, our staffs get a reason of committing their time and energy to teach the students knowing that they will have their pay on time. We can’t thank you enough for being there in my time of need. You have no idea how much your help means not only to us but the entire family of Candlelight School. For all the things you do we want to thank you. Our prayer is God to supply all your need and you should lack nothing.
Even though we bagged our accumulated Lost and Found items at Fall Break, we have coats, jackets, gloves and lunch boxes that are growing exponentially with each passing day. If your child has not brought a personal item home, please come to the school and see if you can find the missing item(s) in our Lost and Found.
The 6th Grade Pillow Concert will be at 2:15 pm on Tuesday in the gym.
I have much to be grateful for.  I recognize that the blessings of faith, family and health cannot be taken for granted, and that I have been blessed beyond measure throughout my life. As I offer my gratitude each day in the form of prayer, I always give thanks for the opportunity I have to work with the staff, students and parents at Alpine Elementary! I hope that each of you will have an enjoyable Thanksgiving Break with family and friends and find a time to reflect on all that you are grateful for.
Have a great week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary
Alpine School District