Eagle News 2/26/2018

Just my opinion, but I think the Wasatch Mountains are in their most beautiful state when covered with snow and illuminated by the sun or a full moon.
Our fifth graders participated in the annual Maturation Program last week. I know for some students and parents this rite of passage can be a bit stressful. We did a similar program with our students in Oregon. A few years ago at the elementary school where I was serving as the principal, at the conclusion of the day the Maturation Program had been presented, I was outside supervising the bus loading zone when a 5th grade boy stuck his head out the bus window and yelled, “Hey Mr. Perdue, have you reached puberty yet?”
The following article about our Lego League Team appeared in last week’s Provo Daily Herald.
What a powerful learning experience for our Lego League students to start with an assigned theme, “Hydrodynamics: using water to make a difference”, and coming up with the idea of helping our sister school in Kenya by giving the students and staff improved access to water. Those beginnings resulted in our students making a formal presentation to the Lone Peak High School student council, having their project accepted for the LPHS Gold Rush fundraiser, and being informed just last week that $28,490 was raised in Gold Rush that will be used to fund the digging and installation of water wells for the students in Kenya! We are very grateful for everything that the Lego League students, Lego League coaches, Jamie Clement and Deborah Larsen, and our primary contact to The Candlelight School, Cherie’ Kelly, did to see this project through to the end!
Just a reminder that we will be accepting kindergarten registrations through the month of March. Please come into our main office to get the necessary enrollment paperwork. It is always helpful for our staffing plans to know in March, not August, how many kindergartners will be at our school.
Registration took place online last week for our Inclusion Preschool. If you live in the Alpine Elementary boundaries and are interested in sending your three or four-year-old to preschool, all of the morning spots for 4-year-olds have been filled. There are six 4-year-old spots still available in the afternoon, and multiple openings for 3-year-olds. Here is the registration link. If you have any questions, contact Shani Quilter at 801-610-8541.
We are having a book drive this week for Title 1 elementary schools in our area! We have an opportunity to help schools that do not have the resources to provide adequate classroom libraries. Please bring your new and gently used books and help share your love of reading with others. The two classes that bring the most books by Friday, March 2 will win an afternoon snack party. Thanks for helping other kids love reading too! Questions: contact Paige Topham @ 650.380.5176
Our first grade teachers, I’m sure with some strong parental support at home, are doing a great job of teaching our first graders how to write. First grade Chinese Immersion teacher, Connie Faux, shared the following writing sample with me that one of her students, Henry, wrote. The narrative includes two other boys in the first grade Immersion Program, Crew and Mason. I share Henry’s writing with no editing for grammar, spelling or punctuation.
Once there was three knights that had a king who betrayed them. One day the three knights Henry crew and mason were running into a forest when they were stopped by the king mr perdue and his evil knights. They began to battle Crew was injured and Mason was down. Mason and crew had beat all the other evil knights. But now it was Henry against the king mr perdue they had a big fight until king perdue ran away. The end.
The story was also illustrated, with the evil King Perdue appropriately dressed in black and engaged in a sword fight with Henry. I think we all know who won that battle.
Have a great week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary
Alpine School District