Eagle News 4/16/2018

Your students were very kind last week in wishing me a happy birthday as I enter my sixth decade of mortality. My wife bought me a new bike for my birthday, so on Saturday I rode the new bike from University Mall in Orem up to the top of Hobble Creek Canyon above Springville. Great ride until I got a flat tire coming down from the summit. I fixed the flat and then shortly thereafter the sidewall on my tire blew out. So then I had a real predicament! We were miles above a locked gate so no cars would be driving by to help, no cell service and an inoperable bike! I told the friend I was with to ride down the mountain and call Laura and I would start walking down the road toward the locked gate, which in my clip-in bike shoes, would take a couple of hours. Fortunately, my friend told two members of our bike team who were waiting for us at the bottom of the mountain what had happened and they rode back up the mountain to rescue me. What loyal friends, right? My friend Blake is 5’9” maybe a 150 pounds. I am 6’2” 210 pounds, but nevertheless, he told me to sit on his bike while he straddled the frame and we coasted down the mountain as I carried my bike on my back to the locked gate, where I hitched a ride with a stranger and called my son in Mapleton to come pick up the weary bike rider in Springville. A bike ride for the ages, or aged, based on the fact that I am now 60-years-old! Don’t believe that story? Check out the attached photos! After sharing these photos with our children, they started sending me some funny memes, one of which I have attached.
Our K-3 graders will be taking their final DIBELS assessment on Wednesday. DIBELS is an acronym for Diagnostic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills. It is the assessment all of the elementary schools in the Alpine School District use to measure student progress in the five foundational elements of reading: phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Outside testers will be in our school on Wednesday and will administer a short assessment to all K-3 graders in the library.
Some of the teachers have told me that they are seeing an increase in cell phone and smart watch usage during school time. Students with electronic devices can use them to communicate with parents before or after school, but should not be using them at any time during the school day, which includes class time, in the cafeteria or at recess.
As I told you last week, we will be accepting Teacher Request Forms next week, April 23 – 27, with all forms due by April 30. You can pick up the forms in the office next week. Here are the teacher grade level assignments for next year, with some teachers still needing to be hired:
Colleen Aitchison—one morning class
Natalie Schurter—one morning and one afternoon class
First Grade
Margie Perkins
Connie Faux-English Partner Teacher
Rebecca Liston-Chinese Teacher
Second Grade
Bridgette Bailey
Maureen Wallace
Jammie Bennett-English Partner Teacher
Daphne Blodgett-Chinese Teacher
Third Grade
Aubri Elder
Meilina Moore
Jill Adamson-English Partner Teacher
Annie Burr-Chinese Teacher
Fourth Grade
Denise Keller
Maudie Vipperman
Ranae Black-English Partner Teacher
Anna Moore-Chinese Teacher
Fifth Grade
Condita Washburn
Nicole Ybarbo
Jonathan Horan-English Partner Teacher
Chinese Teacher-To be hired
Sixth Grade
Natalie Jackman
Mimi Monson
Kaylin Padgett
Sierra Charlesworth-English Partner Teacher
Chinese Teacher-To be hired
Second grade teacher, Angie Murdoch, is retiring. Because of our small kindergarten class this year and the number of students who have been accepted into our Chinese Immersion Program, we only have enough first grade students for one non-Chinese first grade class; consequently, Mrs. Bailey is moving to second grade. Third grade Chinese Immersion teacher, Petra Chou, has accepted a Chinese teaching position at Vista Heights Middle School in Saratoga Springs, and fifth grade Chinese Immersion teacher, Dawn Chang, has resigned her position to spend more time with her family. We are in the process of interviewing and hiring teachers to replace those that are leaving.
Have a great week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary
Alpine School District