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2022 -23 Board Members:

President: Shauna Roundy
Pres Elect: Chelsea Hertig
Membership: Suzanne Campbell
Secretary: Angelica Nash
Advocacy: Tracy Nuttall
Leadership: Amy Nelsen
Treasurer: Staci Mellor
Community Involvement: Amy Hafen 

March 22 - 31

Bidding is now open

Join the PTA Today!

We have quite a few spots left to fill on the PTA Board.  Serving on the board can be fulfilling and can make such a difference in our school and to our kids.  The PTA provides so many programs for the school, including family nights, red and white ribbon weeks, the lantern festival, the fall festival and spring school carnival, the fun run, running club, teacher appreciation week, etc.  Watch a short video here about being involved in the PTA.
Here are the positions available and what type of role each plays:
All board positions:
  • Attend a PTA meeting for one hour once a month during school hours.  Kids are welcome!  We have had quite a few toddlers coloring and playing during the meetings this year.  
  • Oversee 2-3 PTA activities/events.  These can be small or big depending on which ones you take on.  You do not plan the activity or the event unless you decide to do that.  All you need to do is check in with the volunteer chair for that event and make sure they are doing their job.
  • Attend training to help you understand your role.
  • Run PTA meetings for the school
  • Attend council meetings once a month with the Lone Peak council.
  • Ensure PTA rules/regulations are being followed
  • Plan the budget with the President Elect and the Treasurer
  • Plan the calendar for and answer any needed questions volunteers have about PTA activities/events 
  • Do a needs assessment with the school to see what activities/events are needed
  • Work with the principal on coordinating any activities/events
  • File 3 reports that take 5 minutes each
  • Help gather volunteers for the activities/events.
President Elect:
  • This is at least a 2 year role.  You are president in training to take over for the following year.  Work with the president on his/her duties.
  • Work with the President and President Elect to come up with the budget
  • Keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures of all monies of the PTA unit. 
  • Count all monies with three people present and deposit all monies in the bank the same day received. 
  • Make disbursements as authorized, in accordance with the approved budget. 
  • Make a monthly remittance of state and national portions of membership dues to Utah PTA.
  • Present a treasurer’s report at every meeting of the executive committee, board of directors, and general membership. 
  • Make a financial report at the annual meeting and submit a full written year-end financial statement to the incoming executive committee. 
  • Submit the books, after they have been closed for the year, for an AFR (Annual Financial Reconciliation) by an auditor or an AFR committee
  • Attend the Utah PTA Advocacy Conference and the Day at the Capitol.
  • Stay up to date on all of the Education Laws that are going to legislature and help inform the PTA of items that are significant.  
  • Give a short advocacy report at the PTA meetings as needed
  • Help build the relationship between the parents, the school and the community.  This can be done through the activities we plan.
  • Build PTA membership for the year.  We usually do a table at back to school night to help let people know about PTA and how to sign up for the PTA and then a small membership drive in Jan/Feb. Both of these can be super simple or you can go all out depending on how much time you have.
We would love to have you on the board!  If you are interested, please email and we can get back to you with more information.

Events Calendar:

  • March 7th PTA meeting @ 9:30 am
  • March 7th Classic Skate Night (Orem) 4:30-8:30 pm
  • March 20 PTA Family Night @ 6:30 pm

PTA Meeting Minutes: