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September 2019

Eagle News 9/23/2019

By Newsletters
You don’t need to look at a calendar to know that September 23 is the first day of fall. The shorter days, the brisk mornings, the changing tree colors and the need for more layers of clothing send us all the message that Autumn has arrived. I hope you all found time over the weekend to get outside and enjoy a beautiful fall day.
The Fundraiser will start TODAY, Monday, September 23 and run through Friday the 27th, ending with a Dance party! We are branching out a little from the traditional Fun Run this year, and instead we are going to get the kids moving with a dance party with DJRob!! DJ Rob Ferre has worked in the family entertainment capital of the world, including at Disney, Nickelodeon, Universal Studios, and Radio Disney.Now he provides fun, educational, and wildly interactive assemblies! He is going to come and help us celebrate the end of our fundraising week! 
Parents are invited to join the celebration on Friday. 
PreK-3rd grade @2:05-2:30
4th-6th grade @2:45-3:10
Donations can be made by one of the following:
1. Cash
2. Check (made out to Alpine Elementary PTA)
3. MemberHub (a small processing fee will be applied)
The class, from each grade, with the most $$ raised will win lunch generously donated by Chick-Fil-A!
We really appreciate any amount you can donate! 
A huge THANK YOU to: 
1- Max Connect Marketing for donating the money for our Alpine Elementary spirit T-shirts
2- Chick-Fil-A for donating lunches to our winning classes and 
3- Zurchers party store for donating the decorations for our dance party
The annual Reflections Art Competition is an opportunity for students to explore their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence and find a love for the arts. This year’s Reflections theme is Look Within. Each student can submit ONE entry per category (Visual Arts, Dance, Film, Literature, Photography, Music). Go here to find entry forms and information about each category. Your student can also get entry forms in the school library. Entries are due Friday, October 25th in the library. If you have any questions, email Erin Stanley.
We still have slots available for 4 year-old students in our preschool, including “tuition-free” grant slots for those who qualify. See the attached flyer.
The following students were nominated by their teachers and recognized last week for consistently demonstrating the character traits of the Alpine Big 3: Responsibility, Respect and Readiness to Learn.
Zoi Bruni—4th Grade, Mrs. Keller
Reese Clark—1st grade, Mrs. Liston
Pearl Cluff—3rd grade, Ms. Elder
Daisy Elder—5th grade, Mrs. Padgett
Abigail Frazier—6th grade, Ms. Kuo
Lincoln Goodwin—6th grade, Ms. Kuo
Hugh Howard—1st grade, Mrs. Faux
Sam Myers—1st grade, Mrs. Faux
Max Petty—6th grade, Mrs. Reyes
Cheyenne Pulham—6th grade, Mrs. Reyes
Tyler Pusey—6th grade, Mrs. Monson
Beth Sampson—5th grade, Mrs. Hill
Emily Tomkinson—6th grade, Mrs. Monson
Ada Villareal—5th grade, Mr. Horan
June Villareal—1st grade, Mrs. Liston
Have a great week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal

Eagle News 9/16/2019

By Newsletters
I was in a meeting last week with 150 other people and a survey was taken of which season of the year was the favorite of those in attendance. Fall was the overwhelming choice, with over 60% of the participants indicating this time of the year is their favorite. Saturday was the ultimate fall day for me. Early morning Alpine Loop bike ride, Cougar Tail at Lavell Edwards Stadium, family companionship, another heart-pounding BYU overtime victory, evening wedding reception with lots of good food. If all of my Saturdays could be that enjoyable!
Our K – 3 graders take their beginning-of-year reading assessments today. For the past three years we have administered three times during the school year a test called DIBELS to our K – 3 graders. The only thing that has changed is the name of the test. Instead of DIBELS, it is now called the Acadience Test. This assessment gives our K – 3 grade teachers data on the foundational reading skills of our students in phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. A team of testers that the Alpine School District has trained come into our library and administer the assessment. Each student’s assessment will take less than five minutes. The Big Five reading skills mentioned above are the foundation for at-grade-level reading skills. Once teachers have their Acadience results, they can more effectively diagnose what needs to be done to help each and every child be a proficient reader.
We are grateful that our librarian, Paula Ruesch, invited children’s author, Jennifer Nielsen, to our school last week. Our 4th – 6th graders attended an assembly where Jennifer shared how she became an author, and she also encouraged the students to explore their creative talents.
The following students were recognized as Students of the Week last week for demonstrating the characteristics of the Alpine Big 3, being Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn. Congratulations!
Benson Anderson
Molly Barnes
Tessa Christofferson
Crew Feaster
Merced Francom
Gabby Ross
Hank Gillespie
Braden Hazel
Dean Hsiao
Lillian Hsiao
Crew Nelson
Phoenix Reinwand
Corbin Smith
Gabe Taylor
London Wing
I have attached a flyer for flu vaccination clinics being offered in our area
Have a great week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal

Eagle News 9/9/2019

By Newsletters
Some members of my family and I headed southeast of the Utah Valley for a weekend getaway. There was one point in the trip, the conclusion of an event we were watching, that was particularly enjoyable. I have attached some photos. I went to a similar family gathering a little closer to home on August 29. and for some reason, my friends dressed in red enjoyed that experience more than me. Interesting how the trips we take in life can cause such contrasting emotions.
School pictures are on Thursday, September 12. Your students should have brought home a flyer explaining the different photo options.
If you want to help support our school, take your family to the Chick-Fil-A in Lehi, not American Fork, tonight for dinner, 5:00 – 8:00 pm. A percentage of the total sales will go to Alpine Elementary.
Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Aitchison, shared a few of the comments her kindergartners have shared with her in the first two-weeks of school. If I ever need a pick-me-up and something to smile about, I go spend some time in a kindergarten classroom.
“Teacher did you know I’m going to Chinese Inaversion next year?”
“If your hands are cold then you’re turning into a Grandma.”
“Teacher what’s up with that shirt you’re wearing?”
“My birthday is in the summer…a long time away. I don’t know why my mom did that.”
“Do you know why I’m not allergic to dogs? Because they are so fluffy and cute!”
Bright Ideas is an extra-curricular theme-based program open to all interested elementary students. This year’s theme is Fact vs. Fiction focusing on different branches of STEAM education: science, technology, engineering, art and math. I have attached a flyer giving you more information.
Have a great week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary

Eagle News 9/3/2019

By Newsletters
Another year, another loss (9 consecutive) in football to BYU’s arch-rival, the University of Utah. Congratulations to all Ute fans out there and thanks to all those who wore Cougar and Ute attire last Thursday. There was no doubt who the better prepared and superior team was Thursday night. But being the die-hard Cougar fan that I am, I will be traveling to Knoxville, Tennessee this weekend to watch BYU compete against the Tennessee Volunteers. As I took in the majesty and natural beauty of the American Fork and Provo Canyons on bike rides on Saturday and Monday, I was reminded of the fact that there is so much more important in life than the outcome of a football game, and what a special part of the world we live in!
The start of a new school year can be a scary thing for some children (and yes, some adults as well), especially our youngest students. Our grandson, Easton, started kindergarten at Brookhaven Elementary in Eagle Mountain this past week. Check out the attached photos. On his doorstep at home, Easton was excited to start his K – 12 educational journey, even flexing for his mother to indicate he was ready to conquer all that kindergarten had to offer. However, our daughter, Darcee, told us that when the bus pulled up to take Easton to school, he turned and looked at her frightened and hesitant to get on the bus, and with longing eyes seemed to be silently communicating, “I’m scared Mommy.” And then, in a moment of little-boy courage, he grabbed his friend Brody’s hand, and did what for him was a very hard thing, left his mother behind and got on the bus. And he had a great first day of kindergarten! What a powerful metaphor that teaches us that we can all do hard things, and we all have a Brody in our life who is willing to take our hand and help us through the challenging and difficult experiences that we all encounter.
We are excited to welcome New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Nielsen to our Battle of the Books launch assembly on Monday, September, 9th at 10:00 am followed by a book signing held in the library after the assembly. Thanks to the PTA for sponsoring our Battle of the Books program this year!
Kindergarten parents, please remember to not exit your vehicles when picking up your child, unless you are in a designated parking spot. We have some parents who are leaving their vehicles in the roundabout to go get their students, which creates backed-up traffic in the southwest parking lot. If you are going to use the roundabout as a stopping place to pick up your student, please stay in your vehicle. Preschool parents have been asked by Miss Kathy to park in a designated parking spot and to walk their child into the classroom.
One of our Nutrition Services staff members is highly sensitive to Patchouli oil. Please do not put Patchouli oil on your students because it is causing a very adverse reaction for one of our staff members.
I have attached the September PTA newsletter. The PTA still needs volunteers for a few programs, so please sign up on
There will be a PTA meeting on Monday, September 9. All parents are welcome to come! Take you family to dinner at Chick-Fil-A on September 9 and a percentage of the sales will go to Alpine Elementary. The PTA fundraiser will be September 23 -27. More details will be coming soon.
Members of the LPHS football team and cheer squad will be here on Thursday during our morning recess time to participate in the third annual P.L.A.Y. Day. The attached flyer gives you more details.
Have a great week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary
Alpine School District