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Eagle News 11/18/2019

By November 18, 2019Newsletters
Elementary school students can sometimes try an educator’s patience with the things they say, do, or not do in the school setting. But if we look and listen, there are daily nuggets of joy and gratitude that students will bring into our lives. I recently experienced one of those moments when I was observing one of our teachers. Her students were seated in a circle on the carpet participating in a “Math Battle” where two students would stand up, receive a multiplication problem from the teacher, and the student who answered the math fact equation first and correctly continued standing to battle the next student who would stand to battle. In one battle, the student who had won several consecutive battles, barely beat with the correct answer another student. The student, a boy, lost the battle sat down a bit dejected, and a girl who was sitting in the circle opposite the boy, gave him two thumbs up, smiled brightly, and mouthed the words, “Good job!” The boy smiled. I’m sure feeling a little better about himself. The boy is a student who doesn’t always want to come to school and is trying to find his place in his grade level social circle. The little girl certainly doesn’t know all that the teacher and I know about the boy’s struggles, but she knew enough on that day to reach out to someone in need, and though the students in the room didn’t see it, there was a principal with a tear in his eye observing that simple act of kindness. On that day, in that classroom, during that learning activity, one little girl showed me, and more importantly a boy who needed some positive feedback, that there is love and kindness all around us if we take the time to simply notice. Our students can teach us all valuable life lessons if we will look, listen and feel!
And speaking of acts of kindness, the Alpine Elementary Community has the opportunity this week to participate in our annual Candlelight School Coin Drive! Each year we send our donations to the Candlelight School in Nairobi, Kenya and the money donated helps purchase rice and beans to feed the students. We ask any families that can help to donate.
Friday—All types of money
Our community donated over 300 blankets during the two-week Blanket Drive!  Thank you for your kindness. There will be many homeless people along the Wasatch Front grateful for a blanket to keep them warm during the cold winter months. Once again, the Alpine Elementary Community demonstrates their willingness to help those in need.
The month is almost over, so keep clipping those Box Tops for our November contest deadline, which is November 27th.  Treats are being generously donated by Sun Haven Tanning and Salon located at 238 E. State St. in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  Check out their website:!  They have been voted #1 tanning salon in Utah for 3 years!  And they offer more than just tanning, they offer microblading, eyelash extensions and waxing servicesalso.  Just text the word “Start” to (801) 285-9210 and you will get a free tan!  Thanks, Sun Haven!
The following students were nominated by their teachers and recognized last week for consistently demonstrating the character traits of the Alpine Big 3: Responsibility, Respect and Readiness to Learn.
Hallie Alire–4th Grade, Mrs. Orgill
Jordan Anderson–1st Grade, Mrs. Faux
Bria Basil–5th Grade, Mrs. Hill
Brady Beck–3rd Grade, Elder
Adrienne Bodily–4th Grade, A. Moore
Anna Rose Cox–1st Grade, Mrs. Faux
Elin DeGroot–1st Grade, Mrs. Liston
Ruby Jones–4th Grade, Mrs. Vipperman
Katie Kitchel–4th Grade, Mrs. Orgill
Noah Larsen–1st Grade, Mrs. Liston
Collins Nelson–1st Grade, Mrs. Faux
Quincy Peper–5th Grade, Mr. Horan
Daniel Snow–4th Grade, Mrs. Vipperman
Benson Wood–1st Grade, Mrs. Liston
Calvin Wood–4th Grade, Mrs. Orgill
Have a great week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal