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Eagle News 9/14/2020

By September 15, 2020Newsletters
Alpine Elementary News
Today, Monday September 14, is ACADIENCE testing for our K-3 graders. ACADIENCE is the assessment we give our students three times a year to measure their proficiency in the five foundational reading skills: Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.
Teachers have commented to me how compliant our students have been in wearing masks at school. What we anticipated before school started would be a possible problem, has not materialized as a result of the overall student compliance. The only reason that students should not be wearing a mask is if they have an exemption for health reasons signed by a physician.
We are missing quite a few Take Home Reading books. If you have any Take Home Reading books at home, please send them back to the school with your student.
With the current state of affairs with the pandemic, I want to give parents some forewarning about upcoming events. It is likely that many of the Parent/Teacher Conferences in October will be conducted online. Stay tuned for more details. And we will not be able to have parents come into the school on October 30, as there will be no student Halloween parade this year. Students can still dress up, but there will be no parade.
The Alpine School District updates school district COVID-19 data every Monday on the Return to School tab on the district website.
Please do not drive the wrong way on the one-way street west of the school. We have some parents who are driving the wrong way at the beginning of the school day when other parents are dropping off their students off for preschool and kindergarten. We are concerned about student safety and would encourage all parents to follow all traffic laws.
For the second consecutive year, we are recognizing Students of the Week who teachers nominate because students are consistently demonstrating behaviors that align with the Alpine Big 3 of being: Responsible, Respectful, and Ready. Congratulations to each of last week’s Students of the Week!
Banks Anderson–1st Grade, Ms. Johnson
Eliana Batchelor–4th Grade, Mrs. Keller
Bronson Beck–2nd Grade, Ms. M. Moore
Eli Casey–1st Grade, Mrs. Bailey
Henry Fong–4th Grade, Mrs. Vipperman
Hank Gillespie–2nd Grade, Mrs. Wallace
Lily Goodwin–5th Grade, Mrs. Chang
Sophie Goss–5th Grade, Mr. Horan
Ellie Greenwood–5th Grade, Mrs. Hill
Tristin Hansen–3rd Grade, Ms. Elder
Maggie Hauck–5th Grade, Mrs. Padgett
Landon Johnson–4th Grade, Mrs. Orgill
Layla Lambert–1st Grade, Mrs. Chou
Claire Owens–1st Grade, Mrs. Bailey
Jacey Robbins–6th Grade, Mrs. Reyes
Outside the Principal’s Office
It is wildfire season in the western United States! Did any of you see the fire on the east bench above Pleasant Grove on Saturday night? As an Oregon native, it is heartbreaking to see the devastation that is resulting from the wildfires in my home state. My wife is in Oregon visiting our daughter and is dealing with very smoky conditions. Wildfires have burned more than a million acres in the state. Many of the beautiful areas in the Cascade Mountains where our family vacationed and or camped have been consumed by fire. I fully understand the devastation and loss to life that wildfires can cause. On July 6,1994, a young lady, Bonnie Holtby, that I had taught and coached in basketball at Redmond High School, was working as a hotshot firefighter on Storm King Mountain in Colorado, where she perished along with 13 other brave firefighters. To see the loss of homes, personal property, natural resources, wildlife and human life in these wildfires is a very sobering reality.
Have a great week, and even with a worldwide pandemic and wildfires raging in the western United States, it is still a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal