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Eagle News 1/25/2021

By January 26, 2021Newsletters
Eagle News
Alpine Elementary News
Parents will be hearing from teachers about our upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences, February 1 – 5. We are encouraging teachers to meet online with parents unless the teacher and parent feel the need to have an in-person conference. Contact your student’s teacher if you have any questions. All conference appointments will be made through Skyward.
We are seeing fewer students bring water bottles to school. Since the beginning of the school year as we follow COVID-19 safety protocols, we have asked students to not use school water fountains, unless absolutely necessary. Instead we would like students to bring water bottles to school and refill them at the water fountain in the fifth-grade hallway that has a bottle refiller mechanism.
Chinese Immersion Application
Kindergarten parents should have received an email from the Alpine School District prior to the Holiday Break, informing you that applications are now open for our Chinese Immersion Program. If interested, please submit an application for a student to enter our first grade Chinese Immersion Program for the 2021 – 2022 school year by using the following link. All applications need to be received by January 31. In February, a lottery will be held to fill the 56 student openings that we have available. Every year, we have parents who have other children in the Chinese Immersion Program forget to submit an application. Please submit an application before the deadline at the end of the month.
PTA News
Our PTA is doing a final membership push for the 2020 – 21 school year. It only costs $10 to join the PTA in the link attached below! Be sure to check out the prizes that will be raffled off February 1 – 5. I’ve attached a photo of the 10-foot kayak that will be included in the raffle.
Every PTA member matters! Moms, Dads, Guardians, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles,
Teachers, Staff, and Community Members all matter. We really appreciate every single member. To show our appreciation we will be holding a drawing for all PTA members. Good news! We will no longer have the January 30th deadline.
Everyone that is a member the night before each drawing will be entered into the drawing that day. We have some amazing prizes: a 10-foot kayak, Airpods, a craftsman tool box, a private movie party, a gift basket including Chick-fil-A and a gift certificate for glass blowing or stained glass classes at Holdman Studios. Our student council will be drawing for the prizes each day February 1st – 5th, and then winners will then be notified. Don’t procrastinate and become a member today.
Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date on, so we can get you your prize. Good luck!
Students of the Week
The following students were recognized as Students of the Week on Friday, January 22. Teachers nominate students who are consistently demonstrating the character traits of the Alpine Big 3: Being Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn. Congratulations, Students of the Week!
Jackson Bruce– 6th grade, Mrs. Kaczmarek
Ethan Chi– 2nd grade, Mrs. Wallace
Reed Christoffersen– 4th grade, Ms. Vipperman
Norah Collins– 2nd grade, Mrs. Andersen
Ian Dilts– 4th grade, Mrs. Keller
Crew Feaster– 2nd grade, Ms. M. Moore
KatieLyn Kitchel– 5th grade, Mrs. Padgett
Hayden Locke– 1st grade, Ms. Johnson
Valentino Mendez– 3rd grade, Ms. Elder
Sam Myers– 2nd grade, Mrs. Andersen
Emily Nelson– 1st grade, Mrs. Chou
Sawyer Peterson– 6th grade, Ms. Kuo
Connor Pusey– 1st grade, Mrs. Faux
Olive Spurgeon– 1st grade, Mrs. Faux
Penny Turner– 3rd grade, Mrs. Duke
Outside the Principal’s Office
Knowing that the fall from a stationary exercise bike in our basement is safer than some of the road bike accidents I have had in AF Canyon, my wife purchased me a “smart trainer.”  I position my road bike, minus the back wheel, on the trainer.  On an app called Zwift, I select a route to ride around the world, determine how much climbing I want to do, and how far to ride. The blue tooth app somehow sends messages to the “smart trainer” and I need to change the gears on my bike enabling me to ride on the virtual flat road, downhill, or ascending hill or mountain. My bike even vibrates if I am riding over a virtual wooden bridge or cobblestone street. I am able to see a computer-generated version of myself on a bike on my computer or phone screen. Additionally, I see riders from all over the world, with their first initial, last name and country’s flag flashing on-screen when I pass them or they pass me. A more engaging form of winter exercise than sitting on a stationary bike in a local gym! But not to worry, I will take my road bike off the trainer and be out on Utah Valley roads, including the Alpine Loop, when the weather allows me to do so.
Have a wonderful week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary
Alpine School District