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Eagle News 2/15/2021

By March 1, 2021Newsletters
Alpine Elementary News
We are grateful for the new snowfall, but please be careful on the snowy roads. Driving times to and from school will need to be extended.
Internet Safety Week February 16 – 19
Check out the Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship tab on the Alpine Elementary website. Resources are included for parents.
Ask your child about the video they watched in class, or watch the video as a family. Complete the challenge and submit a photo each day to be entered into a drawing for fun prizes.  Drawings will happen Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.
List the names of each Alpine Elementary School student and send pictures to *[email protected].  

I can be Smart on the Internet! – Faux Paw Adventures in the Internet
CHALLENGE: Submit a picture or drawing of your family making a smart internet choice*
I can avoid Cyberbullying! – Faux Paw Meets the First Lady
CHALLENGE: Send a kind email or make a nice comment on social media*
I can Balance Real Life with Screen Time – Faux Paw Goes to the Game
CHALLENGE: Play a game, go on a walk, do a non-screen activity together*
I can be a Good Digital Citizen! – Faux Paw and the Unfortunate Upload
CHALLENGE: watch a positive video online together*
Don’t forget to email a picture each day for a chance to win great prizes like those below. Three winners each day!
$20 Chick Fil A Gift Card
Bop It Game
$20 Roxberry Gift Card
$20 Fiiz Gift Card
Card Game:Cover Your Assets
Zingo Game
$20 Amazon Gift Card
Bowling (Jack and Jill Lanes)
Stuffed Eagle
Chinese Lantern Festival
We are so excited to host Alpine Elementary’s Second Annual Chinese Lantern Festival coming up next week! Students (not just those in Chinese Immersion) should be bringing to school their lanterns this week, and we ask that all lanterns are turned in to their classes by this Friday. The lanterns will be hung on Feb. 22nd and students will take a tour of the lanterns by individual classes.
The Chinese Lantern Festival will kick off with the Chinese Immersion classes performing their Chinese New Year concert, only this time the classes will be recorded and links will be sent out for viewing. The entire week will be filled with fun Chinese New Year activities in individual classes, as well as in our specialty classes.
We are still looking for parent volunteers who would be willing to come to the school Monday, February 22 to help hang lanterns, and also those who would be willing to help take down the lanterns the afternoon of February 24. Please contact Suzanne Campbell at 801-635-7899 to help. And a final reminder, the class with the most lanterns turned in wins a pizza party!!
Students of the Week
The following students were recognized as Students of the Week on Friday, February 12. Teachers nominate students who are consistently demonstrating the character traits of the Alpine Big 3: Being Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn. Congratulations, Students of the Week!
Bella Bruni– 4th grade, Mrs. Keller
Zach Burgess– 2nd grade, Mrs. Wallace
Eden Christensen– 1st grade, Mrs. Faux
Nathan Conley– 1st grade, Mrs. Chou
Liam DeVilliers– 3rd grade, Mrs. Duke
Ronan Harward– Kindergarten, Mrs. Malone
Chase Hejny– 5th grade, Mr. Horan
Aaron Janeway– 6th grade, Mrs. Reyes
Cody Mason– 6th grade, Mrs. Kaczmarek
Henry Olson– 1st grade, Ms. Johnson
Cassidy Pullham– 6th grade, Mrs. Reyes
Penn Slemboski– 5th grade, Mrs. Padgett
Hue Slemboski– 2nd grade, Ms. M. Moore
Sydney Thompson– Kindergarten, Mrs. Malone
Ruth Willis– Kindergarten, Mrs. Malone
Outside the Principal’s Office
A few hours after receiving the second vaccine shot on Saturday, my body starting telling me not to get too cocky about the good health I have enjoyed during the pandemic. 24 hours of fever, chills, headache and lots of sleep. All gone now, but a good reminder that anything associated with this virus needs to be taken seriously.
Last week, I went to visit Silver Lake Elementary in Eagle Mountain to eat lunch with our first-grade grandson who is having difficulty transitioning from home schooling with his mother for the first part of the school year to returning to the public school. Because Easton refuses to get out of the car in the school parking lot, our daughter walks him into his classroom each day and sits in the back of the room with her three-year-old daughter while Easton gets into his school day groove, at which time, his mother and younger sister quietly exit the room. While I was visiting with the principal, Joel Miller, at Silver Lake Elementary, outside of the lunch room, a student approached us and said, “Mr. Miller, is that your grandpa?” As you can see in Mr. Miller’s school photo, he is a handsome, mature looking man. But his grandfather? Ouch! Maybe I should start shaving my head like Mr. Miller.
In that same first grade classroom at Silver Lake Elementary, our daughter sent us a photo of the Valentine bag one of the students brought to school on Friday. Aurora is still working on the proper spelling of pencils.  See attachment.
Have a wonderful week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal