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Eagle News 4/19/2021

By April 26, 2021Newsletters
Staffing 2021 – 2022
We are losing some staff members, all incredible teachers, at the end of the school year:
  • Petra Chou, 1st Grade Chinese Teacher—Mrs. Chou’s husband has accepted a job to join the faculty at BYU-Hawaii, so the Chou family will be moving to Oahu.
  • Meilina Moore, 2nd Grade—Ms. Moore is resigning to pursue other educational employment opportunities.
  • Maureen Wallace, 2nd Grade—Mrs. Wallace, our longest tenured teacher, is retiring after 31 years as a classroom teacher.
  • Kaylin Padgett, 5th Grade—Mrs. Padgett will be teaching 5th grade at Vineyard Elementary next year, within walking distance of where she lives with her husband and two daughters.
Here are the staffing assignments for the 2021 – 2022 school year:
Kathy Thompson
Colleen Aitchison (half-time)
Jen Malone
First Grade
Bridgette Bailey
Mykel Johnson
Connie Faux—Chinese Partner Teacher
Chinese Teacher—To be hired
Second Grade
Vicki Andersen
Tammy Orgill—currently in 4th grade
Sara Henderson—Chinese Partner Teacher, new hire
Daphne Blodgett—Chinese Teacher
Third Grade
Aubri Elder
Katherine Kaczmarek—currently in 6th grade
Amy Duke—Chinese Partner Teacher
Rui Chen—Chinese Teacher
Fourth Grade
Denise Keller
Maudie Vipperman—Chinese Partner Teacher
Anna Moore—Chinese Teacher
Fifth Grade
Alyssa Dale—new hire
Nicole Menssen—new hire
Jonathan Horan—Chinese Partner Teacher
Dawn Chang—Chinese Teacher
Sixth Grade
McKayla Hill—currently in 5th grade
Megan Reyes
Mimi Monson—Chinese Partner Teacher
Sharon Kuo—Chinese Teacher
Science Lab
Rebecca Bergquist
Special Education
Natalie Davies
Jill Johnson
Ellen Palsson
Shelley Tilton (half-time)
Tim Zito
Specialty Teachers
Jaime Clement–Computers
Melinda Hunt—Music
Paula Ruesch—Library
Angela Tanner—Beverly Sorenson Art Teacher
Instructional Coaches
Jenna Berry
Maren Williams
Tyrene Hartsell (half-time)
Karen Hopkins
Social Worker
Gina Zupan
Teacher Requests
We will be accepting Teacher Request Forms (attached) until April 30. Because of the staffing changes next year, we will only be accepting Teacher Requests in grades K, 1, 2, and 3. There will only be one non-Chinese teacher, Mrs. Keller, in 4th grade. Both non-Chinese teachers in 5th grade are newly hired staff members. The students in Mrs. Hill’s 5th grade class will be in her class for 6th grade; consequently, there will be no teacher requests in the non-Chinese classes in grades 4, 5 and 6. Students in the classes affected by teachers moving to other grade levels or working in another school next year will be informed by their teachers today.
In May, our grade level teams will place students into next year’s classes. We make every effort to create classes that are balanced by gender, and academic/behavioral factors. We do our best to honor Teacher Requests from parents, but please know that turning in a Teacher Request Form does not guarantee class placement.
PTA News
Alpine Elementary is having a Crumbl Cookie School Fundraiser Tuesday April 20th, from 8am-10pm. This will only be at the LEHI TRAVERSE PKWY location. Come in and mention Alpine Elementary and 50% of the proceeds will come back to our school. If you are ordering online enter Alpine in the name line. Thank you for your support!
Students of the Week
The following students were recognized as Students of the Week on Friday, April 16. Teachers nominate students who are consistently demonstrating the character traits of the Alpine Big 3: Being Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn. Congratulations, Students of the Week!
Sawyer Ainge– 3rd grade, Mrs. Duke
Rachel Christenson– Kindergarten, Mrs. Aitchison
Annabelle Collins– 4th grade, Mrs. Keller
Jett Gunn– 1st grade, Mrs. Faux
Rayne Harward– 2nd grade, Mrs. Wallace
Ashlynn Hernandez– 3rd grade, Ms. Elder
Dean Hsiao– 3rd grade, Mrs. Chen
Owen Lanham– 5th grade, Mrs. Padgett
Nella Morton– 1st grade, Mrs. Chou
Holland Pace– 4th grade, Ms. Vipperman
Rachel Proctor– 3rd grade, Mrs. Chen
Saylor Reeve– 5th grade, Mrs. Chang
Ryelle Roundy– 4th grade, Ms. A. Moore
Stewart Smith– 3rd grade, Mrs. Chen
Isobel Spencer– 1st grade, Ms. Johnson
Outside the Principal’s Office
Did anyone else spend time this past weekend doing yard work? I mowed our lawn for the first time in 2021, and is always the reality at this time of the year, there is lots of unwanted plant life growing in our yard and flower beds, so some weeding needs to be done at our home as the Spring growing season brings the lawn, flowers and weeds to life.
Have a wonderful week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary
Alpine School District