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By May 17, 2021Newsletters
End of Mask Mandate May 24
The Alpine School District will follow Governor Cox’s recent announcement that masks will be optional in the school beginning on May 24. Students, parents and staff can choose whether or not they want to wear a mask in the school from May 24 forward.
School Schedule
The Alpine School Board voted last Tuesday to have all elementary schools move to an 8:00 am – 2:15 pm or 9:15 am – 3:30 pm schedule for students next year, and our licensed staff will transition to a 7:30 am – 4:00 pm contract day. Our start time will be determined by district bus route times, and we are still anxiously waiting to be informed what the start time for students will be next year. As soon as we are notified what our student start time will be, we will communicate with parents.
School Carnival
We are excited to be able to celebrate the end of this year with a Spring Carnival here at Alpine Elementary. The Carnival will be on Monday, May 24th from 4:00-7:00pm. There will be carnival games, a rock wall, and food trucks. Come enjoy some fun for the whole family!
 We need a few volunteers to help setup tables and chairs from 2:30-3:00pm, and clean up following the carnival at 7:00-7:30pm. If you are able to help, please sign up with this link
Student Council Elections
We are grateful for all of the 5th grade students who ran for a Student Council position. Next year’s elected sixth grade student council officers:
President—Daniel Snow
Vice-President—Brody Burr
Secretary—Claire Hamilton
Treasurer—Max Bergquist
School Enrollment for 2021 – 2022
Please let the main office know ASAP if your child will not be attending Alpine Elementary for the 2021 – 2022 school year.
Toner Cartridges
Last call to recycle any of your toner cartridges. We have a box in our Staff Room and the school receives money for the recycled cartridges.
Students of the Week
The following students were recognized as Students of the Week on Friday, May 14. Teachers nominate students who are consistently demonstrating the character traits of the Alpine Big 3: Being Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn. Congratulations, Students of the Week!
Brielle Anson– Kindergarten, Mrs. Malone
Bailey Braden– 5th grade, Mrs. Chang
Austin Crawley– Kindergarten, Mrs. Malone
Sean Dilts– 6th grade, Mrs. Kaczmarek
Dane Goodwin– 3rd grade, Mrs. Chen
Talia Graham– Kindergarten, Mrs. Aitchsion
Quinn Haas– 1st grade, Mrs. Johnson
Nora Jensen– 1st grade, Mrs. Faux
Faith Kafi– 4th grade, Mrs. Keller
Will Lacey– 4th grade, Ms. A. Moore
Chat Lawrence– 3rd grade, Mrs. Chen
Lilly Larsen– 6th grade, Mrs. Kaczmarek
Sam Petty– 3rd grade, Ms. Elder
Emmett Rasmussen– 4th grade, Mrs. Keller
Porter Smith– 3rd grade, Mrs. Chen
Avery Taylor– 6th grade, Mrs. Kaczmarek
Andrew Telles– Kindergarten, Mrs. Malone
Zane Vigil– 5th grade, Mrs. Hill
Claire Voisin– 1st grade, Ms. Johnson
Paisley Walker– 5th grade, Mrs. Hill
Jacob Wilson– 1st grade, Ms. Johnson
Abby Young– Kindergarten, Mrs. Malone
Outside the Principal’s Office
This is the time of year that I will often take a long bike ride on Saturday mornings, which gives me the opportunity to think about a variety of topics. Family, work, upcoming church teaching responsibilities are often the focus of my thoughts as I pedal my bike. This past Saturday I was thinking about spontaneous kindness. Friday night, after eating at a restaurant, Laura and I were in the drive through at Dairy Queen to get a Butterfinger Blizzard (Laura) and chocolate dip cone (me). When we got to the window to pay, the young lady working the drive through informed us that someone three vehicles in front of us had paid the bill for the three cars behind him/her, and we were car number three! What an unexpected kindness! We decided to pay it backward and paid for whatever the car behind us had ordered.
On Friday morning, I observed another act of spontaneous kindness. The third graders had their annual “Drop an Egg off the Roof” activity. I got to climb on the roof with Head Custodian, Mike Carter, and drop all of the different egg protection devices/contraptions the students had created. While I was dropping eggs off the roof one third grader arrived late to school, and in our office was very distraught that he didn’t have anything to drop an egg in, like all of the other third graders. Our two amazing front office secretaries, Martha Hadlock and Sheri Davis, saw how upset the boy was and immediately, using their improvisational skills, went about creating an egg protection device for a student who was inconsolable. And because of the kindness of two compassionate ladies in our main office, the student was able to have his egg dropped from the roof, albeit the last one, and from my vantage point, the egg did not break! Spontaneous kindness that will never be forgotten by a student, or me!
Have a wonderful week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary
Alpine School District