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Eagle News 11/29/2021

By December 13, 2021Newsletters
I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Break with family and friends! Still some turkey leftovers at your house like mine? Why does a turkey sandwich on Friday often taste better than the full-blown turkey dinner on Thursday? Way too much food and football consumption on my part, but hopefully daily bike rides helped burn some of those extra calories.
Candlelight Coin Drive
With the $450 we received from Yummy Ice Cream Emporium and some generous late donations from parents, our Candlelight School fundraising efforts reached $15,000! The highest total in our school’s history. What a blessing the Alpine Elementary contributions will be to the children in the Candlelight School in Nairobi, Kenya as this money will be used to feed hungry orphans. Thank you all for your generous contributions!
Alpine Eagles Choir Concert
The Alpine Eagle Choir will perform their Christmas program for family and friends at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, December 1 in the gymnasium.
Reflections Awards
Eight Alpine Elementary students will be receiving Lone Peak Council Reflections awards tonight at 7:00 pm at Timberline Middle School. Parents should have been notified if they have a student receiving an award.
PTA News

We are opening up the Alpine Elementary Swag Shop for two weeks!

We are super excited to announce that until December 8th, you can order gifts for the whole family! We have Alpine Elementary apparel and accessories galore! Items start at only $10 and we have items for both youth and adults.

15% of your purchase will go back to the school.

The link to the shop is here:

Orders placed by December 8th will be available for pick up at the school on December 17th. If you have any issues placing an order, please email Shauna Roundy at [email protected]

NOTE: The current “in stock” inventory is not reflected by this site. Due to COVID-19, there are many supply shortages and supply chain issues. If you order an item that is not available, we will contact you through email to make a modification to your order for the items that are unavailable. Please check your email and your junk email so we can turn around modifications quickly and you can still receive your order on December 17th.

Check out the new shop and thanks so much for all you do and we wish you all Happy Holidays!

There will be a PTA Meeting at 9:30 am on Thursday, December 2 in the Staff Room.

Scooters and Skateboards
We are having problems with students riding scooters and skateboards in our hallways before and after school, often times running into or narrowly missing other students or staff. Consequently, we are going to start using the following process as we try to keep students and staff safe:
  1. Student will be warned by an adult when seen riding a scooter or skateboard in the hallways.
  2. The second time a student is riding a scooter or skateboard in the hallways, the scooter or skateboard will be confiscated, taken to the office, and returned to the student at the end of the school day.
  3. The third time a student is riding a scooter or skateboard in the hallways, the scooter or skateboard will be confiscated, taken to the office, and a parent will need to come to the school and get what was taken by an adult employee of the school. Additionally, the student will not be allowed to ride a scooter or skateboard to school for two-weeks.
Outside the Principal’s Office
If you are a BYU sports fan like me, there will not be many days better than Saturday, November 27. In fact, the month of November was incredible for all BYU sports teams, as no team lost a head-to-head match in any sport during the entire month, not to mention a national champion men and women’s cross-country runner. On Saturday, the women’s basketball team beat a ranked West Virginia University team to win a tournament in Florida. The women’s soccer team is going to the Final Four for the first time after prevailing over South Carolina, 4-1. The men’s basketball team beat the Utes in SLC, and the football team won a nail biter in Los Angeles against USC, 35 – 31. What an exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable day!
Have a wonderful week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary