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Eagle News 03/30/2023

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March 20, 2023

Mar 20 3rd and 4th grades Battle of the Books 9:30
Mar 20 Alpine Elementary Fundraiser Kickoff Assembly 3:05 Gym
Mar 21 2nd Grade Glow Play- Mrs. Clement’s Class 9:30 Gym
Mar 21 Lone Peak Council PTA Luncheon 11:30
Mar 22 2nd Grade Glow Play-Mrs. Andersen’s Class 9:30 Gym
Mar 22-Mar 31 Alpine Elementary Fundraiser
Mar 22 Math Olympiad 3:30-Mrs. Monson’s room
Mar 23 2nd Grade Glow Play-Mrs. Blodgett’s Class 9:30 Gym
Mar 24 5th Grade Field Trip to JA City-Info to come through teachers
Mar 24 Hope Squad Meeting 8:45 Ms. Johnson’s room
Mar 24 2nd Grade Glow Play-Mrs. Henderson’s Class 9:30 Gym
Mar 24 Battle of the Books Assembly 2:45 Gym
Mar 25 District Competition-Battle of the Books 8:30 Good luck to our 5th grade winners!
Mar 27 Family Fun Night/Fundraiser Family Night 6:00 Info to come!!!
Mar 28 Alpine School Community Council Meeting 9:30
Mar 29 Math Olympiad 3:30-Mrs. Monson’s room
Mar 30 4th Grade Utah Assembly for parents 9:30 gym
Mar 30 4th Grade Utah Assembly for school 2:30
Mar 31 6th Grade Field Trip to Aquarium

School Information

Alpine Elementary School Fundraiser is approaching!

Please look for information coming soon regarding our fundraiser. It is a new format and will be a lot of fun for everyone. We will be having a really fun kickoff assembly at school as well as an awesome family night on March 27th!

Opportunity to participate in History, Science or Geography Bee

This year, we’re excited to offer students the opportunity to participate in the Utah Regional Finals for the National History Bee, National Science Bee and International Geography Bee which will be held on April 8 in the Salt Lake City area. There are 2 age groups for students at our school: elementary (4th grade and lower) and middle school (5th and 6th grade). To qualify to participate in the regional competition in Salt Lake, students take a free, online, 20-minute, 50 question multiple-choice test.

Students are encouraged to choose ONE subject area to focus on. Test preparation is done independently and students will take the online qualifying tests after school on March 20 or 21 or online.

To access practice tests you can use the following links:




To gauge student interest, please complete the online form for each student interested in participating.

Nicole Menssen

International Academic Competitions Teacher Sponsor

Kindergarten Registration
If you have a kindergarten student that will be at Alpine Elementary in the upcoming 2023-2024 school year and you did not have a chance to register last week, please do so as soon as possible. Please contact the main office for registration help.

If you know anyone that doesn’t have students at the school this year but will have a kindergartener next year, please pass along this information.

Please do not hesitate to reply to this email or call the office here at school with any questions.

From the Library

Battle of the Books is just around the corner!
It’s almost time for the Battle of the Books competition!
3rd/4th grades will compete on Monday, March 20th
Keep reminding your students to read the books on their book list and to memorize the book titles and authors’ last names.

From the SCC
SCC Meeting
Thanks to those who attended our last SCC meeting. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 28th at 9:30.

From the PTA
Next PTA Meeting
Our next PTA meeting will be April 11th at 9:30 in the faculty room

From the Lunchroom
A reminder to everyone to please make sure your student(s) have money in their lunch accounts. If you need help with this, you can simply log on to and register. In addition to making payments, you can view your student account balances, history, set up automatic payments and account balance alerts. Also, our kitchen can accept cash or checks for meal payments, but not credit cards. If you have any questions or may need help, please do not hesitate to contact the main office at 801-610-8700.