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Specialty Class Update 03/11 – 3/29/24

Rotation: March 11 – March 29
Music – Mrs. Hunt  [email protected]

Kinder- We will be learning  Bingo, Five Green and Speckled Frogs, and The Little Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly and/or Shell.

1st grade- Clapping, using patterns, and partner songs like Tideo

2nd grade- Preparing for Glow musical 

3rd grade- Reviewing songs we’ve learned this year and notation

4th grade- Reviewing music words learned and playing Bingo with words and definitions

5th grade- Working hard on our Hope of America songs 

6th grade- Drum lines and learning about the eras in music

Computer Lab – Mrs. Stonely  [email protected]

Kindergarten – Digital Citizenship: We discussed ways to be kind online and in real life..
Lesson- Learned how computers work and practiced mouse moving skills

1st Grade- Digital Citizenship: We learned about our online community and the effect we can have on it.
Lesson – Coded a tag game in Scratch Jr., learning new block functions: “When bumped”, “repeat” and how to set character speeds. We did have a small competition to see who’s tag game would go on the longest, we had some still going after 15 min.  That’s amazing.

2nd Grade – Digital Citizenship: We learned about our online community and our responsibility to  ourselves, our community and the world.
Lesson – Coded a control game in Scratch Jr.  The students learned how one sprite (character) can send a message to another sprite causing it to follow code.  The students’ control game consisted of creating directional arrows, when clicked would send a message to another sprite telling it to move in a certain direction.

3rd Grade – Digital Citizenship: Discussed their rings of responsibility online, first starting with them, what they share and say online, to their online community and how they are affected and finally to the world.
Lesson – Practice top row typing.  The third graders worked on learning which finger is responsible for top row keys and keeping other fingers anchored to the home row.

4th Grade – Digital Citizenship: Discussed our online impact and our responsibility to be a good citizen online.  We learned about our rings of responsibility: ourself, our community, and the world.
Lesson – Practiced top row typing, focusing the correct fingering and keeping our other fingers anchored to the home row.

5th Grade – Digital Citizenship: Discussed online friendships, what the benefit of having them are and red flags to watch out for when online.
Lesson – Created stop motion conversion tables in Canva

6th Grade –  Digital Citizenship: We learned about  plagiarism, taking someone else’s words or ideas and using them as their own.  We discussed different types of plagiarism and how to avoid it. We briefly discussed how to cite other’s work, and we will have another lesson on how to properly  cite people’s work and ideas.
Lesson – Learned how to organize their Google Drives and Gmail.  The students learned how to create folders and subfolders to organize their work and emails.  We also had a little fun in Adobe learning the feature, “Animate Your Voice” by telling St. Patrick’s Day jokes and knock knock jokes. 

Art – Mrs. Clarke  [email protected]

Kindergarten artists learned about primary and secondary colors in this rotation. They mixed the paints of the primary colors and made their own green, yellow, and purple.  They will use their mixed paints to create their own color wheel next time they come. 

Artists in first grade created a colorful cat inspired by the work of the artist Laurel Burch. They got to blend with chalk pastels then highlighted the cats facial features and patterns using black oil pastel. 

Second through sixth grade artists have finished their sculpting and have moved on to glazing. They’re all excited about how their pieces are turning out and can’t wait to take them home. They have to be fired in the kiln one more time so they won’t get them until their next rotation in art.