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Eagle News 11/30/2020

By November 30, 2020Newsletters
Alpine Elementary News
We are having our annual Candlelight School Coin Drive this week. Any contributions will help feed children at our sister school, the Candlelight School, in Nairobi, Kenya. The plan is for pennies on Monday, nickels on Tuesday, dimes on Wednesday, quarters on Thursday and any amount of money on Friday. Having said that, we understand that because of the pandemic, there is a shortage of coins, so sending any type of money throughout the week will work this year. Here is a short video of the students our Coin Drive will be helping.
We are still looking for volunteers to help with our coin drive this week. If you have a morning that you are available from 9-9:30, we would love to have your help!! You can sign with the link below.
Every year, I receive reports from the teachers about the kindness of our students and their sincere desire to help the students at the Candlelight School in Kenya. In a previous Coin Drive, I had a kindergarten teacher share the following:
The kids were putting their coins in the can and I had one student bring 3 baggies full of coins and dollars. I said “Wow you sure brought a lot of coins today.” He told me that he brought all of his lemonade stand money from the summer so that the kids in Africa could have lunch.  
And on a post-it note in one of the coin cans, a little girl wrote:
Im giving all the Qurters In my bangk because it fells like the rite thing to do.
Our Lost and Found is overflowing. Please come to the school and see if your student has any items that have not been claimed in our Lost and Found!
We are still looking for a PTA president for the 21 – 22 school year. We need your help! Please contact me or one of our current PTA co-presidents, Amme Gillespie [email protected],  or Laralee Proctor [email protected].
Outside the Principal’s Office
I hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving Break! Did the pandemic alter some of your family gathering plans for Thanksgiving? Our son and daughter-in-law in South Dakota, and my brother and his family in Washington state, were planning on joining us for the holiday, but decided stay home, as a precautionary health measure. We hosted the families of our three children that live along the Wasatch Front, eight adults, and 11 grandchildren. If we were still residents in Oregon, we would have been breaking state guidelines of no gatherings of more than six people. Interestingly, the governor in Oregon encouraged people to call the police if they observed anyone violating the six plus in one household restriction. The 30-years we were able to raise our family in Oregon were wonderful years, but I am grateful to now be a resident of Utah and have in-person learning in our schools, and not have to worry about a neighbor calling the police because of the number of people we had in our home for Thanksgiving.
Have a wonderful week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary
Alpine School District