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Eagle News 3/7/2022

By March 7, 2022Newsletters
Minimal Day March 11
Friday, March 11 will be a Minimal Day with students being dismissed at 12:45 pm. Lunch will be served to students who want a school lunch.
PTA News
  • PTA Meeting This Thursday – Come join us at our monthly PTA meeting this Thursday at 9:30 am in the Faculty Room. We’d love to hear your ideas on how to make our school better!
  • Thank You to the Dads – Thank you to all the Dads and kids who joined us last week for our Dads & Kids Pizza Night! We had a great turnout and lots of you signed up to be involved in the school!
  • Math Madness Week Next Week – Next week we’ll be doing a fun Math Madness Bingo Challenge! Look for a Math Bingo Card that your child will take home this Friday. If they turn it back in next week and their class reaches their goal, the class will get to smash a pie in Mr. Perdue’s face!
2022 – 2023 Staffing
Last week, I was notified by school district administration that our 1st – 6th grade staffing for next year will remain the same. Four teachers, two Chinese and two non-Chinese at every grade level, except fifth, where there will only be one non-Chinese class. Fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Keller, is retiring and Mrs. Orgill will be moving back to fourth grade, and Ms. Dale will move from fifth to fourth grade. We will need to hire a second-grade teacher in the position vacated by Mrs. Orgill. All other teachers will remain at their current grade level assignments. Parents will have the opportunity to request a teacher in April.
Kindergarten registration continues until March 25. Go to the Alpine Elementary website and you can register your next year’s kindergarten student online. Click on the Information tab at the top of the home page and you can find the online information.  Call the main office if you have any questions.
Unfortunately, we are only receiving staffing for two sections of kindergarten next year, as we have been staffed based on this year’s kindergarten enrollment. Originally, I thought that Mrs.  Aitchison would need to move to another school as Mrs. Malone taught the two sections of kindergarten, but in an amazing display of selflessness, Mrs. Malone is willing to reduce to a .5 teaching position so that Mrs. Aitchison can stay at Alpine Elementary and they can continue developing the very strong working relationship that they have. Mrs. Aitchison and Mrs. Malone would both like to teach morning kindergarten classes to enable better collaboration and the sharing of students for targeted interventions; however, Mrs. Aitchison will teach in the morning and Mrs. Malone in the afternoon if we have parents who need an afternoon kinder class. Please let us know if you need an afternoon kindergarten class. We are hopeful that we will have an increase in kindergarten enrollment to justify a return to two morning and one afternoon kindergarten class. The sooner we know what our kindergarten enrollment is going to be, the sooner we can determine how many kindergarten classes will be offered.
Names on Personal Items
Parents can help us return items to students that leave personal items on the playground, coats, jackets, gloves, balls from home, lunch boxes, all items that are now piling up in our Lost and Found, especially on warm weather days. Please take the time to write your child’s name on their personal belongings.
Students of the Week
The following students were recognized as Students of the Week on Friday, March 4. Teachers nominate students who are consistently demonstrating the character traits of the Alpine Big 3: Being Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn. Congratulations, Students of the Week!
Jaxon Ainsworth- 1st grade, Mrs. Faux
Charley Balser- 6th grade, Ms. Kuo
Kate Barlow- 4th grade, Mrs. Vipperman
Camila Booth- 6th grade, Mrs. Reyes
Massey Elder- 5th grade, Mrs. Menssen
Tyce Kirkham- 4th grade, Ms. Moore
Kimball Kraupp-1st grade, Ms. Johnson
Zephyr Lye- 2nd grade, Ms. Andersen
Solange Marquez- 4th grade, Mrs. Keller
William Murdoch- Kindergarten, Mrs. Malone
Crew Nelson- 5th grade, Mr. Horan
Elijah Phillips- 6th grade, Mrs. Reyes
Henry Stewart- 3rd grade, Ms. Elder
Paisley Walker- 6th grade, Mrs. Hill
Witt Willis- Kindergarten, Mrs. Malone
Outside the Principal’s Office
On Saturday, I watched our fourth-grade grandson’s Bantam basketball team lose a close game in the semi-finals of a tournament. Our grandson, Paxton, is one of the best players on his team and had spent the week sleeping with his basketball, with motivational sayings he had written himself, taped to his wall. A couple of many self-messages he posted on his wall. “You are a great basketball player.” “Be a leader even when it feels weird.”  After the game, Pax was devasted, sobbing to his mother, “Will I ever be a champion?” His father is his coach and our daughter played Division 1 basketball for two-years at Weber State, so they know what true champions are made of, and that champions are not always those who finish with the first-place trophy. Champions are made through hard work in the practice arena, their demeanor in the field of play, and how an individual deals with the losses in life that will always happen. Tough but valuable life lessons for a 10-year-old!
Have a great week, and as always, remember that it is a great day to be an Eagle!
Dave Perdue, Principal
Alpine Elementary
Alpine School District